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Mo, 3. April 2017, Powerfolder Update Version 11.3 Service Pack 3

Mo, 27. Feb. 2017, New Web-Certs (Class 2) for, and

Tu, 21. Feb. 2017, Labfolder ready for poduction :

Mo, 20. Feb. 2017, Sandstorm ready for use. Runs on

Mo, 2. Mar. 2015, nix los bei PP&B.

We, 26. Nov. 2014, Backup-Service interrupted.

Mo, 24. Nov. 2014, Origin License up and running again. NEW LICENSE-Server:, same port 27027.

Fr, 21. Nov. 2014, power break down, backup degraded, origin license server broken.

Aug. 2014, Please don't use Outlook 2013 as mail-client due to errors in its imap implementation. In the theory department (secretary) it has already led to the destruction of the mail folder structure. They have now moved to Thunderbird mail-client.

Wed, 30. Sep. 2014, New compute cluster yFHiX is up and running

Fri, 20. Jun. 2014, Comsol license includes

 version 4.4 too

Tue, 18. Feb. 2014, Matlab Compiler license installed

 This allows to compile Matlab-Programs and run
 them e.g. on yFHiX or local '''without requesting 
 a license''' during run time.

Tue, 10. Sep. 2013, Matlab R2013b license installed

 If you encounter problems with it, please check that 
 your license.dat file looks like
 SERVER 005056BE000F 20070

Tue, 2. Jul. 2013, Intel Cluster Studio XE for Linux

 (all tools) available as site license.
 The license file on the client system should look like:
 SERVER 005056be000f 28518

 Alternative: Set the Variable $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE

Thu, 25. Apr. 2013, Origin 9.0 available

 License-Server root (Port 27027)

Wed, 23. Feb. 2013, elog book accessible via https

Wed, 6. Feb. 2013, New elog book installed, see

Mon, 29. Oct. 2012, gromacs installed on xfhix

Tue, 06. Dez. 2011, Comsol now with PARTICLETRACING

Mon, 23. Aug. 2010, Matlab 2010a, TmoleX,

 TURBOMOLE 6.2 installed on xfhix

Thu, 24. Jun. 2010, Comsol license 4.0 installed. If you encounter problems with it, please check that your license.dat file looks like

 SERVER scrutinizer INTERNET= 1817
 Comsol must be started on Linux and Mac
 as "comsol -ckl" 
 (It's a classroom license)

 !!! Due to incompatibilities we have activated 
 old licenses too, includes 3.5 (needed to convert models)

Mon, 14. Jun. 2010, New Matlab license (R2010a) installed. If you encounter problems with it, please check that your license.dat file looks like

 # MATLAB license passcode file.
 # LicenseNo: 158471   HostID: 80766250
 SERVER scrutinizer 80766250 27010

Thu, 11. Dec. 2008, FHI-CA (Zugriff RA) (Admin-Access)

Wed,23. Jul. 2008, Activate eduroam SSID (

Mon, 25. Feb. 2008, Update postfix on mail. In the recent past we have seen a few misinterpreted mails (declared as SPAM with about 32% probability). We have introduced a new check for authenticated senders to improve the efficiency of the SPAM-detection.

Fri, 25. May 2007,We are no longer blocking delivery and transmission of e-mail with attachments that have suspect file names (including .zip files)

Wed, 18. Apr. 2007, New sshd (4.6p1) on ssh-gateway installed

Wed., 13. Dec. 2006, Starting setup of a new wireless system at the FHI (SSID: Wi-Fhi)

Fri, 7. Jul. 2006, License for Intel Fortan and Math Library (setenv INTEL_LICENSE_FILE 28518@scrutinizer)

Tue, 16. Apr. 2006, New Jabber Server for Telephone and Videoconferences

Thu, 25. Feb. 2010, L2TP-Server at GNZ down, alternative:

Wed, 7. Oct. 2009, Breakdown central login-server at 13:00 , new hardware system installed, ready 14:00

August 2009, hotmail (new windows live) does not accept mails from our domain (reputation -> policy at hotmail has changed)

 We try to solve that problem with 
 SPF records as requested from hotmail. -> solved

Mon, 29. Mar. 2007, Wie schon in den letzten 4 Jahren mehrmals angekuendigt, wird PP&B die Unterstuetzung fuer Windows-NT4 System nun wirklich einstellen muessen. Fuer diese Systeme gibt es schon seit einigen Jahren keine Service-Updates von Microsoft und auch keine Security-Updates. Nun wird auch Mitte des Jahres die Unterstuetzung durch unseren Virenscanner (Sophos) wegfallen. PP&B wird zum 15. Maerz den Domainen-Support (D.h. z.B. Einloggen ueber PP&B und Drucken) fuer diese Systeme einstellen. Der Domainencontroller wird abgeschaltet. Diese alten Systemen sind ueberwiegend in Laboren mit alter Messsoft- und -hardware im Einsatz. Wir empfehlen generell diese Systeme durch neue Hard- und Software (Windows-XP) Systeme zu ersetzen. Wo dies nicht moeglich ist (Softwarehersteller bietet keine Updates, alte Messhardware etc.) muessen die Rechnersysteme in eigener Verantwortung weiter betrieben werden. Wir empfehlen weiterhin sich fuer diese Systeme vom GNZ (Herr Malisius) neue IP-Nummern aus einem sogenannten privaten-Addressraum zu besorgen und die Rechner dahingehend umzukonfigurieren. Diese alten Systeme ohne Securityupdates etc. sollten moeglichst keine Verbindungen mit dem Internet haben.

Mon, 27. Mar. 2006, Unexpected power interrupt at 7:15

Mon, 16. Jan. 2006, Upgrade to PGHPC 6.1 (Portland Group Compiler 6.1)

Mon, 29. Aug. 2005, New Fax-Mail-Format: changed from TIFF-multipage to JPEG (single files)

Fri, 19. Aug. 2005, Starting on Monday (Aug 22th) at 01:00 pm a new mailserver (divok) will handle all incoming and outgoing mail traffic. If Your mailprogram requests You to accept a new security certificate You should do so. The new mailer does not use the public domain product "SPAMAssassin" as antispam engine any longer, a professional product "PureMessage" will be applied instead. Along with the previously implemented "greylisting" we expect a significant improvement in the detection of spam.

Fri, 19. Aug. 2005, To allow the automated tasks like service and security updates to run, please do NOT SWITCH OFF your computer system over night, please log out always when you leave the institute.

Sat, 6. Aug. 2005, Greylisting on the incoming mail server as a further step in fighting Spam full operational

Sat, 14. May 2005, Praesentationen die mit Versionen vor Office 2002 SP3 erstellt wurden und eingebettete Fonts enthalten, koenen von allen spaeteren Office Versionen nicht korrekt geoeffnet werden. Die einzige Loesung ist eine alte Version von Powerpoint zu installieren, und die Praesentation darueber zu starten bzw. eingebettete Fonts abzuschalten und die Datei neu abzuspeichern damit sie mit allen Office Versionen ab 2002 SP3 geoeffnet werden kann.

Thu, 21 April 2005, Info: Mail server rejecting some email (Wrong header). Some erraneous mail transport agents send the e-mail with an 8-bit header (the part of a mail message that contains the sender, recipient and much more, most of this is usually hidden from the user), that does not correctly describe the 8-bit content within. It is invalid in that it does not follow the relevant RFC RFC1428. If a mail client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, etc.) or the sieve filter, receives a mail encoded in this incorrect way, it will not have all the information it needs to display or deliver it correctly, and as a consequence, may behave unpredictably. There have been certain mails that crash e.g. Outlook every time it tries to display them.

Fr, 15 April 2005, POP3 service will be switched off at June, 1.

Tue, 22 Feb. 2005, To connect to the new faxserver "fritz" the following socket has to be used: if "fritz" was not found automatically. This happens if the new communicator was used for the old one "haber" before.

Fr, 4 Jan. 2005, X-Win32 6.1 is available for installation on PP&B-Cluster-Systems. The update will be made on request-]

Thu, 3 Jan. 2005, Next week we will put the SAN into operation. Home-Dirs will be moved to the new servers. The moves will be announced.

Wed, 28 Dec 2004, New x509 certificate for TSL on mailserver installed. Netscape users must delete the old certificate to get the new one accepted. (For Tunderbird etc: Tools-> Account Settings -> Security-> Manage certificates -> Authorities -> delete Fritz-Haber-Institut ->; For Netscape7.1: edit-> preferences->privacy&security->certificates-> manage->authorities>delete Fritz-Haber-Institut->

Tue, 30 Oct. 2004, Mailbox-Server Rearrangemant: Trouble

Su, 7 Nov. 2004, At the end of the year we will permanent switch off the Citrix MetaFrame (system NextGen, provides Windows-NT4 Desktop for Unix-Users)

Fr, 29 Oct. 2004, At the end of the year we will permanent switch off all Appletalk services (this includes also applepublic with software and printer ppd's). Mac users should use "cupsd" for printing and "smb" for mounting.

Fr, 03 Sep 2004, Please do not install XP SP2 on any PC System which will be used here at the Institute. There is absolute no need to use this service pack on systems on our local network. Some of the software we use is not able to work with this service pack (eg. Samba fileserver). You can get no support from PP&B for such systems. We will move over to the new service pack (may be at the beginning of the next year) when we have proofed all our software installations.

Fr, 03 Sep 2004, Due to problems with the telepone provider routing it can be necessary to use the local prefix (030) to call numbers in Berlin.

Sa, 28 Aug 2004, And again: worm Agobot found on Network shares, Web downloads and Chat programs. Affected operating systems: Windows. Side effects:Turns off anti-virus applications, Allows others to access the computer, Sends itself to email addresses found on the infected computer, Deletes files off the computer, Steals information. Mainly due to poor maintenance of private computer systems (e.g laptops or systems not attended by PP&B)

Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Due to extensive missusage of our printserver by virus-infected systems of MPI-Molgen we have to switched off our printservices. Hopefully the colleages from Molgen will fix that problem until tomorrow morning.

Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Due to a power-failure the network information server was down. All login/network services working gain since 7:30 (14.7.04) Systems affected by this failure root, martok, mxp01, mxp02, bender, gowron

Tue, 15 Jun 2004, Femlab 3 is now available. It is installed on "scrutinizer" which worls also as license server (up to 30 concurrent users (classroom license)). Finanzed by the MP departement, the electromagentics module is also includes. The new Release is also available on request for PC/Mac systems (Infos about the new release)

Tue, 13 Apr 2004, We have installed a new Web-Mailer, based on Info/SquirrelMail. The Mailer is integrated into the FHI-Portal <#> and is available when you log into the portal ("Login" in the headerpart of the webpage, then "Mail" in the header-part). You can call der Mailer also directly <#>. The Mail-Management functions for server-side-filtering (timsieved) is integrated and also a calender-system.

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