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Welcome to the PP&B Wiki

PP&B is the computer support group at the Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG. We provide most of the IT Services.

If you have problems or questions write an E-Mail to

or call


For software installation requests, please read this first!!

PP&B can best be reached electronically.
We are available via e-mail, RocketChat (https://chat.fhi-berlin.mpg.de), or via Phone
Find out more at https://www.fhi.mpg.de/corona-en

Last important News/ Maintenance Updates:

Thu, 13. Okt.2022
For Homeoffice software please have a look https://ppbwiki.fhi.mpg.de/Main/Covid-19

Wed, 11 Okt.2022
Updated SoGO Calendar documentation please see https://ppbwiki.fhi.mpg.de/Intern/SOGo

Fr, 30 Sep.2022
We have removed almost all Kaspersky Installation in our Domain, self-administrated ? please use the microsoft defender !

Thu, 27 Sep.2022
Matlab 2022b is offered by the license server.

Here are some Links to the most requested information:


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